Paradigm Shift Program to Heal Both Brains Around Nutrition

“Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box.” Deepak Chopra

The Paradigm Shift Program Playshop:

Healing Both Brains

The Paradigm Shift Program (PSP) is based on a Quantum Physics approach to reality and its effect on our existence. We will be weaving in the work of various leaders in this field, including Patricia Bisch, MA, MFT (Freedom From Food), Asara Lovejoy (The One Command), Burt Goldman (Quantum Jumping) and Deepak Chopra. In addition, I have received training as a Holistic Nutrition Adviser (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), Aromatherapist, EFT Practioner, Silva UltraMind Trainer, and Law of Attraction Guide. The PSP is aligned with Einstein’s theory that states that everything in our world is energy slowed down to take on the appearance of something solid and is not fixed.

Deepak Chopra states that “Because every moment you’re actually changing your body, reshuffling, exchanging its atoms and molecules with the rest of the universe, and you’re doing it faster than you can change your clothes. In fact the bodies, which you’re using right now to sit on the chairs, are not the bodies that you came in with a little while ago.

Walt Whitman wrote: “Every atom that belongs to you as well belongs to me.” And this is not just a poetic metaphor, it’s a fact. So if you think you are your material body, you certainly have a bit of a problem. In the PSP you will learn how you are creating your body with your energy all the time. You will also learn how to experience food as moving energy (quantum physics approach) instead of dense matter (Newtonian physics approach). Your judgments around food being “good” or “bad” will drop away and it will be viewed only as neutral energy to be directed by your beliefs about it.

In conjunction with the Paradigm Shift you will experience around your beliefs about food, you will also learn how to heal your “other” brain; your digestive system. Although your body is brilliant and can heal anything, sometimes it gets stuck in certain modes of operation and simply needs to be rebooted like a computer system does. By rebooting your digestive system by learning how to provide it with the proper balance of healing nutrition and supplements as well as your nurturing thoughts around your body you will find yourself coming quickly into alignment with the incredible being you truly are. You will begin to see all areas of your life shift and become more in tuned with the newly discovered you.

This program has NO DIET. It will not be advocating eating processed foods or overeating, rather it will focus on tuning in to your thoughts and beliefs about your body and your nourishment…all of it.

I am confident that I can assist anyone who is committed to increasing their awareness of how nutrition affects a person’s health. My ideal clients are spiritually aware individuals who have reached a crossroad in their lives where they know it is time to make changes in their lifestyle in order to achieve the pinnacle of success in their personal and professional lives that they are striving to reach. My clients are ready, willing, and able to make those changes, internally and externally, and view working with a Professional Health Coach as an important and viable solution to improving their overall livelihood.

In this program we will work together to create a sacred container of clear energy to support our alignment with our goals.

  • After enrollment into the PSP, you will have one, 50 minute health consultation with Sheen to clarify your challenges, goals and at least 3 action steps. (Valued at $150) FREE!
  • Twelve, 50 minute sessions, twice a month, via telephone or Skype with Sheen for six months (Valued at $1800)
    • Why Diets Don’t Work
    • Healing Our Digestive System
    • The Body Heals Itself
    • Mind Creates Matter
    • Emotions Effect Our Body
    • Food Is Energy
    • Taming the Saboteurs
    • Taking a Stand
    • Ceremony of Empowerment
    • 3 Open Topics Sessions
  • Unlimited email support between sessions (Priceless!) FREE!
  • FREE remote BioScan session to help determine what Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (Beyond Pure Therapeutic) essential oils your body needs! (Valued at $20)
  • Lots of bonus items!!
    • Access to audio tools from master Quantum Theorists (Deepak Chopra, Asara Lovejoy, Patricia Bisch, MA, MFT, Burt Goldman, and more!)
    • Over 70 informative handouts focusing on lifestyle, healthy shopping, spiritual growth, relationships
    • Goodies to use on your journey of perfect health: journal, e-books, and more!
    • Shift in your current state of consciousness around your body and your food: PRICELESS!!

      This 6 Month Program Includes 13 Sessions with Sheen and averages out to Only $56 a Week if Paid in Full!


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Payment options are available for a slight additional fee.

26 Weekly Payments of $60 for 6 months of wellness coaching!

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